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The Problem With Student Loan Forgiveness | The National Journal

April 21, 2014

Under Pay as You Earn, lawyers with over a hundred thousand dollars of debt can be earning $70,000 a year, qualify for income-driven repayment, and end up having the majority of their loans forgiven, Delisle and co-author Alex Holt found in a 2012 report.

Illinois Schools Get Waiver from No Child Left Behind Progress Mandate | Chicago Sun-Times

April 18, 2014

No Child Left Behind “was completely out of sync with what was happening on the ground in districts,” said Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst with the Washington, D.C.-based New America Foundation. “It was completely insane that you would have 100 percent of students in Illinois or any schools being proficient in Common Core assessments that are more rigorous and more challenging.”

The waiver is “resetting the clock and allowing the state to identify schools that are really struggling with the new standards” instead of labeling so many schools as failing, she said.

At Long Last, Illinois Approved for No Child Left Behind Waiver | Education Week

April 18, 2014

Still, the approval is a big departure, said Anne Hyslop, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation and all-around waiver wizard.

"One of the only things in the waivers that has been a hard and fast rule is that, by 2015-16, you need to have a teacher-evaluation system in place," Hyslop said. "Are we seeing willingness to negotiate on the timeline that we haven't seen before?"

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Putting Community Colleges To Work | Inside Higher Ed

April 17, 2014

“It's moving in the right direction,” said Mary Alice McCarthy, a senior policy analyst for the New America Foundation, who previously worked for both the Labor and Education Departments. President Obama and Vice President Biden talked up the workforce ...

Education Department Offers Draft PLUS Loans Rule | POLITICO Pro

April 17, 2014

“That will definitely be an issue that’s hard, considering the stakeholders at the table involved,” said Rachel Fishman, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation who closely tracks the issue.

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Parent PLUS Loans Under Scrutiny | Marketplace

April 14, 2014

But policy analyst Rachel Fishman with the New America Foundation worries it’s too easy for low and moderate income families to borrow too much, as they try to give their kids a better life.

“That really puts the federal government in a dangerous position of telling them, ‘Sure you can do that,’” she says. “'You can mortgage your future. You’re really close to retirement and we can garnish your Social Security, but fine, we’re gonna to let you take on a loan for $20,000, $30,000 dollars.’”

Student Loan Borrowers' Costs To Jump As Education Department Reaps Huge ... | Huffington Post

April 14, 2014

Jason Delisle, director of the federal education budget project at the New America Foundation, said CBO figures show that the Pell Grant program will need more money to continue at present levels beginning in 2017. Assuming that Congress does not want ...

What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid (but Should) | The New York Times

April 9, 2014

“The term ‘need-blind admission’ has no official definition,” said Rachel Fishman, an education policy analyst at the New America Foundation. “It’s not in law anywhere. It’s just a mantle that the schools put on themselves.”

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New America Hosts Launch of Workforce Credentials Coalition

April 7, 2014

Washington, DC — Today, New America is hosting the inaugural meeting of the Workforce Credentials Coalition. Led by the California Community Colleges (CCCCO) and the North Carolina Community Colleges, the Coalition is a nationwide group of over twenty states seeking to develop joint data standards and data sharing agreements with industry and professional certifying bodies. Common data field definition is necessary so education and industry can together provide a skilled workforce.

Challenge for Pre-K Recruitment: Lagging Latino Enrollment | The New York World

April 4, 2014

Conor Williams, senior researcher at the New America Foundation’s Education Policy Program, said that building a single, standard application process can help alleviate class and racial disparities in pre-K enrollment.

“A unified system would reduce the potential for more affluent parents with the wherewithal to apply to every program from gaming the system,” said Williams.

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